Why Universities banned the ChatGPT? [Reasons]

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We all know the name ChatGPT: a human-like chat AI (Artificial Intelligence) which answers human queries in a few seconds. As the hype & humor of ChatGPT is a high and a trending topic all over the internet, there are lots of Universities & Colleges that ban the use of ChatGPT for students.

What is ChatGPT?

It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by OpenAI company in the GPT-3 language model. It is programmed and has lots of text data for the creation of ChatGPT It was launched on 30 November 2022 in Beta testing and Now It has been updated with the stable release on 30 January 2023. 

It is an AI that gives the reply to the human question texted in chat in around half a minute. It chats like a human if we ask some question that we used with friends, colleagues, etc, it also replies like your friend and ChatGPT has memory which saves your past chats, so if you tell to call you by typing your name and you ask what is your name in future conversation or another day it will remember your name.

The reason behind Banning the use of ChatGPT

There are lots of reasons why some people hate ChatGPT or ban it as AI can be dangerous in the future but ChatGPT is not given internet access that’s a good thing for us. It is developed by Machine Learning and programmed by developers and AI trainers with lots of training data.

Some people are lazy enough that they don’t want to give any effort so they ask their problems or questions to Chat GPT AI. As it can be easily accessible by only your mobile or desktop with the help of the internet people misuse ChatGPT and didn’t want to do any effort by them and are fully dependent on AI technology.

Misuse of ChatGPT

There are lots of benefits of ChatGPT AI but the students of colleges or universities are using the technology in the wrong way for their purpose. Here are the top examples of misuse of ChatGPT by students and people:

1. Assignments

The biggest misuse is that students are using ChatGPT for their assignments and project. As lots of students are lazy for doing the homework and task given by their school, college, or university so they depend on technology to complete their assignments.

Students are using ChatGPT AI to complete their assignments but they are not using their brains they are just copying and pasting to finish their homework. Teachers are observing and analyzing that students write the assignments with Artificial Intelligence (AI) but the AI cannot be 100% accurate so the assignments and projects submitted by students are not accurate and with wrong information written on them.

2. Exam Answers

The students find the new trick of cheating in their exams by simply questioning ChatGPT as it gives answers in a few seconds and students just paste the solutions in their answer sheets while in the examination hall. There are lots of ways to cheat in exams but as the hype of ChatGPT is high in the market so students prefer to take help with it for their problems or queries.

Before ChatGPT the king of searches for any solution is Google but after coming of it there are many controversial topics for google that might replace google searches or compete in the future as Google is the Search engine that gives the whole result entire in the world but ChatGPT answer individually in around 100-300 words.

3. Content Writing

Content writing is a difficult task for every blogger or writer, so they are using the ChatGPT tool to create content or blogs. It gives the answer in a few seconds for the question asked by the human, so it use of AI can be used for good purposes but if content writers fully depend on AI and do not write in their own way or they just copy-paste the blogs then it becomes wrong.

ChatGPT gives you the result as the human writes the content but it did not mean that the content is accurate or to the point, there is a chance of duplicate content because AI is programmed by giving information that is available on the internet from the developer OpenAI.

Dark Truth of ChatGPT

In the initial release of ChatGPT on 30 Nov 2023 1 million (10 lakhs) users joined OpenAI’s ChatGPT within 5 days of launch. There is a lot of hype and humor in ChatGPT that was never seen before for an AI. Now it becomes a very trending topic on the internet and everyone is talking about it, so it gains lots of promotion instantly.

As there are lots of benefits of ChatGPT by using in a good manner but there is a ‘dark truth of ChatGPT that you should know about it before using ChatGPT’.

1. Privacy

Each individual wants to secure their privacy and doesn’t want to compromise with it but the conversation with ChatGPT is saved in the OpenAI database, and the data is used to improvement of ChatGPT by an AI Trainer that can see your chats.

If you want to delete your personal data you can request OpenAI by email: deletion@openai.com.

2. Google vs ChatGPT

This is a very controversial topic that become a trend after the popularity of ChatGPT. As Google is the search engine that means it gives the result based on articles that exist on the blogging website and are indexed by Google. But after ChatGPT people are more reliable on it because it is an AI that replies in real-time within a few seconds like a human is chatting on the other side.

Google faces a loss of $100 Billion after the new AI ChatGPT recently. There is the humor that ChatGPT will compete and replace the Google in future as Microsoft Bing is ready to use the ChatGPT service and Bing is the competitor of Google’s search engine. Well, time will show us what will happen in the future. Even Microsoft Bing introduced a new chat feature in search results to limited users, if a user joins the waiting list by signing into Microsoft account.

Comment: If you had already tried ChatGPT comment and share your experience with it and share your thoughts on AI.

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