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How to contact Team Bloguru?

You have to fill out the contact form to contact Team Bloguru. Please fill your details like your name, email and leave your message in the contact form and we will contact you soon.

Who is Team Bloguru?

Team Bloguru (Team BG) is the team of (Blog Guru India). If you want to contact us then Team BG will handle your queries or any other conversation.

Contact form is compulsory to contact us?

The short answer is No, you can contact us by email but the contact form is made a simple process & efficient for you. So, we recommend using the contact form to contact us or Team Bloguru.

How much time will go to respond?

The short answer is It depends, well we will try to reply to you within a week but if the queries are high or we are unable to handle other emails so the response time may vary.