About Us

Bloguru.in (Bloguru India) is a blogging website that started in 2023. Our name is based on ‘Blog Guru’ which means ‘Blog Expert’.

We currently write blogs on Technology: Gadgets, Metaverse, AI, Sci-Fi Tech & so on.

BG (Bloguru.in) is founded by 6 members and our team is named Team BG (Team Bloguru).

Meet Team Bloguru

Shubham Rawat

Founder | Managing Director

I am Shubham, Digital Marketer, Blogger & Founder of Bloguru.in. I manage SEO, Web Designing, Technical & Backend work and I also write blogs on this website. I lead the Team BG and make it efficient & optimistic.

Rahul Kumar


I am Rahul, Founder of Team BG & I love to create interesting blogs. You can browse my most recent posts, which I wrote for this website in great detail. You’ll find my blog to be quite knowledgeable.

Kartik Choudhary


Hello, I am Kartik, founder & author of Team BG. I create lots of blogs that contain information and value-added content for you, pls read my blogs here.

Sourabh Rajput


I am Sourabh, founder & content writer of Team BG, I write blogs for this website and you can read my latest blogs, I hope you will find my blog very informative and helpful.

Piyush Negi


I am Piyush, founder & content writer of Team BG and I’m passionate about writing engaging content. I composed many blogs for this site and you can check my most recent blogs.

Rohan Kaparwan


Hi, I am Rohan, founder & author of Team BG. I wrote many blogs on this website and you can read them as per your interest. You will find them so interesting and knowledgeable for sure.