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Our world is making the most powerful technology every single day and robots are one of them. Robots are time savers and make our life easy. This one such robot named Sophia has appeared, about which we will read. 

Sophia Robot 

Sophia is the first human AI robot manufactured by the Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. Also, she became the first robot with citizenship of any country she was created in 2016 and has human-like emotional expressions and a combination of science, engineering, etc. In 2017 she became the first humanoid robot to have citizenship from the Saudi Arabian Government. 

Things you should know about Sophia’s creator. David Hanson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hansons robotics and creator of ‘Han The Robot’ and ‘Sophia The Robot’. 

David Hanson was born on December 20,1969 in Dallas Texas. He is the CEO and founder of Hanson’s robotics in Hong Kong. He completed his high school at Highland Park High School. He also has a bachelor’s in artistry from Rhode Island School and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas. 

At first, he worked at Disney, which helped him to think about machines and robotics. He decided to make a humanoid robot that looks like a human and can solve many problems that we face in this technological world. Hanson researches robotics and wants to create a robot that has human intelligence, is creative, knowledgeable, and has many features. After some time he made a human-like robot which came in a public appearance on 14 February 2016 and participated in many interviews.


● The texture of Sophia is like an actual human having artificial skin, facial design, sharp jawline, skin tone, body tone, emotional expressions, etc., and Carrying a lot of knowledge. 

● In 2018 Sophia upgraded to an upper level by including functional legs that will able her to walk 

● She can detect body tracking, connecting, and communicating in social life with humans. 

● Sophia has also great knowledge of words and sentences with cloud connection. She knows everything that is needed in any business application. 

● The robot Sophia also helps in education and entertainment-like purposes. 

Disadvantages Of Sophia Robot 

● The main problem with this robot is that if you ask any questions to her then there is a high chance that either she will give a scripted answer or be inappropriate and sometimes become silent. 

● Secondly they are harmful to the economy by removing human jobs.

● Thirdly, robots are very costly for their maintenance and they can’t compete with the human brain. She only does what they are told to her in terms of human Safety by not using their own brain.

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