What is Metaverse? Future in Metaverse

by | 7 Feb, 2023 | Technology

Metaverse is a virtual and 3D World. Where we can experience all those activities in the virtual world that we use to do in the physical world. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Metaverse, according to him humans can do social gatherings, interactions, and many other things in virtual reality without doing them in the physical world. 

Explain what is the metaverse

In Metaverse, we can meet with our family members and friends but it’s not in the real world but in a virtual 3D World. Metaverse is created artificially, You can simply enter the Metaverse just by sitting in your room using a specific headset or special glasses. Similarly, you can do your study, work, shopping all those things that you do in the real world.

But the biggest difference is that we do all those works in an artificially created world. Many experts also say that Metaverse will be a technology that will replace the internet in the future and will also become the future of humanity.

What is the Metaverse word means? 

The word Metaverse is simply made up of two words, Meta+Verse. The origin of the word “Meta” is from a Greek word that means “Beyond” and the “verse” word is taken from the word “universe” it simply means that Metaverse means would be a world that will be beyond the universe. The internet can also be said to be a distinct universe but when we go on the internet then it is mostly limited to two dimensions only.

Whether we use our phones or laptops/computers, these are only two-dimensional screens. But when we talk about Metaverse, Metaverse is a world where you can go completely into it, in three dimensions. For example: when you watch a film you wouldn’t be watching the film merely as a viewer, you would experience being in the film. 

When was Metaverse’s word created?

The word Metaverse was first used in the year 1992 in the science fiction book which was named snow crash which was written by Neal Stephenson. In this novel, he talked about a dystopian world.

A dystopian world means a world where real life is destroyed. They also wrote in that book that the outdoor world is not livable for humans anymore, so everyone lives confined to their buildings and rooms and spends their life in virtual reality. 

What is the Future of Metaverse? 

Most experts said that the future of the Metaverse depends upon how it will be useful for humans and how much it fulfills the needs of human beings. Mark Zuckerberg said that the Metaverse will always be bent towards an improving direction.

Some experts also said that some of the things in Metaverse will not be useful for us and it is also not good for our health because Metaverse promotes the virtual world and in the virtual world we cannot do any physical activity that’s why Metaverse is not good for our health. But it will be very interesting to see our future generation adopting a new 3D virtual world. 

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