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Basically, AI technology is used by humans for their working purposes and AI has a big hand to run all over the world because any work of humans cannot be done without AI. 


As you all know that humans are made AI for their own uses so that they can do their work which takes a lot of time and the full form of AI is artificial intelligence. Many things are included in AI like computers, robots, smartphones, etc. 


Humans need artificial intelligence the most because they use it in many important works and AI helps humans to develop them and help them to do such work that humans can’t do or are not capable of. It plays a very vital role in science and computers It helps in making machines more smarter and compatible than humans.

The word AI is becoming more trending due to recent technologies. It makes your work smoother and easier. Just because they can do more faster and more accurately, it becomes a valuable tool for us.


1. Gaming Field 

In gaming fields, AI has a major role. There were people called BOTS who were organized by artificial intelligence so that you can play with them and don’t need any humans to play with. The sharper and more detailed graphics are also a part of AI that is growing rapidly.

2. Education Field 

Now it also helps in education-related purposes like by asking a voice assistant for finding answers to any problematic questions. Using AI technologies we can easily search for guides, lessons, videos, etc. 

3. Robotics 

As we all are already seeing that the formation of robots was at its peak. We are already making robots having AI technology that helps us by doing multi taskRobots are used in high-performing tasks that can ease human work. They were often used in engineering like in ISRO or NASA for moving large objects into space.

4. Automatic cars 

The reason behind automatic cars is also AI. While Forming automatic vehicles the automotive industry focuses on AI which helps in tracking the lane and has sensors that can detect any obstacles around the car. 


AI is becoming a very useful technology for all of us that can ease the work and do faster than humans with accuracy but are you not thinking that it’s replacing job opportunities? Well, let me tell you about a survey that says that between 2019-2022 there were lakhs of people who lost their jobs and in upcoming years the number will increase from lakhs to millions just because of these technologies.

Marketing, medical, production, etc companies were removing their workers into these machines. Another example is that AI is affecting privacy and security. It will detect or track the motion of anyone, their activities, or any personal identification. As AI is laying its roots all over the world. We have to think about developing them in a positive manner.

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