Technologies Scarier than Clowns? [Tech Fear]

by | 17 Feb, 2023 | Technology

Every time when there was a new industrial revolution, At starting humans always scared of thinking about its consequences. For instance – Trains, metro, mobiles, and even air conditioners humankind always was in little feeling of tech fear when these gadgets came into existence.

Will technology become dangerous in the future?

Technology was also one of them. However, technology has lots of cons and harms us in many ways but it was neglected because of its various advantages which help in saving our time, energy, and money. But even after multiple merits of technology, there is some ethical, practical, and philosophical reason to get terrified by it and its excessive use.

This terrifying reason which counsels us indirectly to avoid technology’s overuse is shaping our future and today through the medium of this vlog we are going to provide some of the most terrifying technology that will save our future.

Technology with fear will gonna shape our future


So, The Concept of this technology was that there is some company around the world that will freeze you as soon as you die. Freezing helps you to avoid your dead body being in the same condition as it was, which means all organs and body parts didn’t get spoiled, and when after many years when there is any medicine or health care technology came into existence where you can put live in some dead body.

Then your body (means you ) will get a new life. So, this may be against the rule of nature but it still didn’t clear whether it will ever be possible or not.

2. Personal Decision Maker

So you surely will get a shock if someone says that after some years there is technology will emerge which helps to take up your all decision like what you should eat for lunch, what kind of outfit you wear or whom you should date and not? but, yes technology will arise up soon.


Our decision helps us to keep ourselves in control by strengthening our willpower somewhere. Putting our power to decide something in hands of technology will surely lead to mental weakness among humans.

3. Ultra-realistic robots

In this world of the superfast industrial revolution and technological development. This isn’t so long to see ultra-realistic humanoids in the market and electronic commerce platforms. Those super ultra-realistic robots will be undistinguishable from real humans. They will be used for fulfilling physical needs.

Although, AI will make these robots such advance that they will able to perform various moves. Even more, these robots are not only able to fulfill the requirement of physical needs but emotional ones too will be available.


As a machine primarily, these robots can be hacked and they can be used by criminals to do something wrong. It may harm you because of some technical defect at the end of the day it is just a robot.

The human cycle and the procreation of children in the world will be surely affected by this technology. Although it was against nature’s rule.

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