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Today we have developed a lot due to space technology and due to this technology we are avoiding a lot of disasters like ASTEROIDS, COMETS, SPACE JUNK, etc.

In this blog, we talk about space technology with the technology used in ISRO. 


Space technology is the technology through which we can travel in space so we can explore more space and can find out the changes that are taking place inside and outside the earth’s atmosphere so that we can launch space missions many things come in space technology like space vehicles such as space crafts, space stations, satellites and orbital launch vehicles deep space communication in space propulsion and a wide variety of other technology equipment including space infrastructure equipment and procedure.


ISRO was started 52 years ago on 15 August 1969 head quarter is in Bangalore and 17,099 people work in it for a brighter future for India in ISRO.

They use many high-tech gadgets to do many big space missions they launch many big spacecraft in white those very big injections are used which are made by humans so that the spacecraft fly up and go into space India has so far built and launched 385 safelights and India is soon to become such country because of resources the one who stands on his own power and is achieving success himself.

ISRO sent two missions to the moon and one to Mars. Recently ISRO achieved success on mars where other counties could not land their rocket on mars India did it on the first attempt. 


New technology is changing the game in ISRO. An IAD(Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator) is designed by VSSC(Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre).

As ISRO said It is a game-changer technology and will become very helpful and useful for future missions including Mars and Venus. IAD successfully tested and flew from Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station “Rohini” Sounding rocket. 

According to ISRO, the IAD is folded and stored inside the rocket’s payload bay. It was inflated at 84 km altitude and through the atmosphere, the sounding rocket dropped on it. In a smoother manner, IAD slowed down the payload velocity through aerodynamic drag for planned trajectory. 


ISRO is trying to make its satellites and rockets lighter and less pollutive. They also plan to design electric and nuclear propulsion that can make their satellites lighter and have less weight. 


Gaganyaan is an orbital spacecraft (Indian crewed) made by the collaboration of ISRO and HAL. It is believed that it will be inaugurated in the middle of 2023. It can carry three people at a time and has the capability of docking.

This inauguration will be the first test crewed mission before the first two flight tests and also If We Pass it then India will become the fourth in the whole world for sending humans into space after the USA, CHINA, and the USSR which created history for all of us. 


It is a planned Venus orbiter mission to check the atmosphere of venus. As ISRO said, the expectation for launching it is near December 2024.


Mangalyaan is also known as Mass Orbiter Mission and ISRO is again operating this planned orbital mission (MOM-2). The Indian space research organization is planning to launch this mission between 2024-25. In an interview, the director of Vikram Sarabhai space center (VSSC) talks about including landers.

It will consist of an orbiter that will slow down the spacecraft by flying through any planet and get more smoother and suitable observation by entering into orbit. In this mission, ISRO is planning to study the Martian crust by including Hyperspectral Cameras. 

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