Science Fiction: meaning & 3 upcoming technology

by | 3 Feb, 2023 | Science

Technology is the key that makes human life so easy and convenient so that they can do what they want. But in this blog, we talk about everything about science fiction technology and upcoming inventions that make human life totally change.

What is Science Fiction Technology?

As you always see in science fiction technology movies like – Iron man, Terminator, Star Wars, etc. but in the future, all this is going to come true however nowadays we use any type of technology in our real life like hologram screens, laser weapons, etc.

However when we do high-level meetings and some time are one or more members of the meeting are not present in the meeting because of any reason then we use hologram technology that fulfills the need of that member in the upcoming future, humans are going to develop technology that can change their life totally.

Upcoming 3 Science Fiction Technology

You all may know and see in science fiction movies that humans made robots and cyborgs but in reality, the already-made robots are not capable of what they should be they do not have feelings and they can’t walk or run fast and they can’t have that kind of understanding that humans want recently many companies like Hanson robotics, etc made robots but their robots talk about the destruction of humans and want to dominate on them;

And as the world moves toward the future and scientists talk about a machine that can help humans to do time travels and in many movies like – the Time Machine, back to the future, etc, you see that humans do time travel and went to the past or future.


Cyborg: half-human & half-robot

In our future, all humans have developed themselves into a cyborg, and cyborgs are made of humans basically they are humans in which who wants to live their life longer and longer they transfer into cyborg they will be half human and half robot there many body parts like hands, chest,, brain are made up of machine and there other body parts like legs, face, etc are in human body form.

A normal human died because of any type of organ failure but cyborgs would not be afraid of such kind of things.



Robots are machines and they are made by humans for their own work. Basically, robots are machines that work for humans and replace their efforts. Where humans fail to do something the robots are used and robots have the ability to lift heavy loads as compared to humans by the way robots are made by humans but they are more powerful, intelligent, and more capable.

Humans can’t match themselves with robots and robots are the future of the earth.

3. Time Travel Technology

Time travel machine

As you all know and have seen in many science fiction movies that humans are doing time travel and they went one dimension to another dimension very easily with the help of a time travel machine 

But in the future, it’s all about to come true and many world-famous scientists like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein said that if humans can cross the speed of light then they can do time travel.

Disadvantages of Sci-Fi Technology

•  In today’s time the majority of people have become totally dependent on technology.

•  As the world is moving toward robotics the threat to human jobs is increasing.

•  From this our security and data are in danger.

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