Role Of Technology In Covid-19 Pandemic

by | 8 Feb, 2023 | Technology

Covid -19 Pandemic arises and LOCKDOWN has been held in almost every part of the world. As a result, every sector was closed whether it was an educational institute, industrial sector, or any other sector.

In this situation the only thing that help us the most was technology. So whether they were office employees or students of schools and colleges all who didn’t connect physically operate through online meetings (i.e technology).

The physical business meetings started in online modes. Online business especially the concept of solopreneur gained much popularity during this pandemic. however, even after that many of us lost our daily jobs and source of income. 

How Technology Helps To Fight Covid 19?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues unfolding and changing its symptoms as per climate, the government also starts putting more effort to control the impact by upgrading and installing more technological instruments.

The government took many preventive measures to control this pandemic through the help of technology as they replace the load of over-working healthcare workers with today’s smart technology.

Many applications regarding medicine delivery to door arise during that days. 

Good Utilization of Technology

People who didn’t admire technology and tend to think of it as a heartless machine or a waste of money and time get understood how it saves our efforts and optimum utilization decreases our workload. One of the most common examples of this was telemedicine which helps the patient living even in remote areas to interact and get consultations with doctors during their crucial times.

The fast and large production of facemasks, breathing filters, and ventilators during this pandemic also happened because of technology. Scientists also took many measures and experiments with the help of biological technology to find the cure for this disease. Supply of Vaccines for all was still a challenge for many nations.

Even in areas where vaccination is sufficient the main task was to provide it to all as soon as possible without much public gathering. In such cases, technology helps as much as people think. Government operates many sites and apps for providing details and totals slots available in vaccination centers.

This Pandemic not only put an issue for the emergency of global health care, but it has also disturbed the world economy. This leads to threats to the survival of small businesses. All those small businesses are struggling because of the burden of high taxes, repayments of loans, and payments of interest.

How does Technology Counter the Virus?

Technology and modern science are getting popular and gaining significance in every field whether it was the educational sector, business, or the health sector. Especially in the context of healthcare facilities, like countering the virus all around the world. 

Much modern technology like artificial intelligence disease checkers, thermometers, vaccines, and many medical instruments are helping to counter and reduce the impact of viruses.

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