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So, firstly what is fashion technology?

Our country India which has been always one of the popular nations and centers for the textile and garment trade is also involved in a center of the design of accessories and garments. Today the fashion industry has become such evolved that it provides a wide scope of studies and skills in design, design production management, concept management, quality control, fabric design, printing, the science of textiles, color mixing, Marketing, painting, fashion accessory design, and many more. 

The most basic and primary fields to be worked on in the fashion industry are designing market research and manufacturing garments and textiles. As it sounds “fashion design”, is the most essential area of work in the industry of fashion. The term fashion design refers to creating your own original design after the study of new and current designs in the market.

In small enterprises, it is usually done by a single employee but in the case of big firms and organizations, all the jobs are allotted to different employees as per their specialization.

Manufacturing includes buying textiles and fabrics required in bulk for designing the final product. Large numbers of trained and Skilled personnel are required in the process of manufacturing. 

Ways to become a Fashion Designer?

1. Eligibility

The minimum eligibility for the undergraduate graduation course in the field of fashion technology is 10+2 with more than 50% marks. In some well-known and prominent institutes of fashion technology, admission is strictly based on merits through a common written test, situation test, group discussion, and interview at the last. However, some of these institutes may provide school-level marks.

2. Entrance Tests 

The most common and of important entrance exam for Fashion technology is the NIFT Entrance exam. This is usually conducted every week in the month of January or February. Some of the other important entrance Tests are the NID NEED exam which helps you to approach and apply to Wigam & Leigh College, situated in New Delhi, and Pearl Academy of Fashion, situated in New Delhi. However, there are many other institutes that conduct their self-entrance exam for applying for admission in them. Some of these institutions are IIFT Delhi, SOFT Pune, FDDI Noida, MITID Pune, RafflesMullenium, and many more.

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These course regarding fashion technology includes Graduation, Post Graduation, and Many other certificates and Diplomas in several sects of Fashion technology.

Some of the most common and well-known degrees for being a skilled and knowledgeable human capital in the field of Fashion technology are as follows :

•  B.Sc. Fashion Design 

• B.Sc. Fashion and Apparel Designing 

• B.Sc. Fashion Designing ( Hons )

• Bachelor of Fashion Design

• Bachelor of Fashion Retail Management 

• Bachelor of Fashion Business Management 

• Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Design (BFAD )

• Bachelor of Designing (B. Des. ) Fashions Communication.

Career Options & jobs 

1. Textile Designing 

Textile Designer or Fabric Designers creates knitted, woven, or printed clothes as per market trends and other domestic items like table cloth, mat, carpets, and many more.

However there are some career options in this field of textile designing are embroidery designers, dying and printing consultants, analyzers of fabric, fabric resource managers, and much more related to this.

2. Apparel Merchandising 

These Fashion Merchandisers are the main reason for Marketing. They have to study data from past sales and current sales. They have to analyze the trends too. They must have the required skill and full knowledge about the new textures, materials, trends and market demand. 

3. Fashion Journalism and presentation 

Fashion Journalist plays the most important role in a fashion magazine as they were the overall in-charge of fashion design. They help to let people know about the new emerging trends in fashion technology. Nowadays Fashion Journalist has a bright scope for employment as there is a need for exclusive program and articles regarding fashion technology and its development.

4. Fashion Designing

Several textile mills, leather companies, export houses, and firms, fashion shows organizers were looking for candidates to assist them in their personal development. So all those candidates who have much-required knowledge and skill regarding fashion technology and designing can get placement in them as a fashion designer, illustrator, merchandise executive, fashion coordinator, etc.

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