How to use supercoins in Flipkart?

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What is Flipkart supersonic?

So in the simplest language, supersonic works as a customer reward program in Flipkart. On every purchase from Flipkart customer gets these rewards. Customers become plus members of Flipkart if they earn 200 Supercoins.

And once such customers become a part of a loyalty program, then those customers can redeem those super coins for many benefits. However, during the purchase on Flipkart, customers also get bill payments, travel bookings, reward points, and supercoin for recharge.

Flipkart also helps in providing rewards to the customer for their transaction on partner apps and various websites such as Oyo, Zoomcar, Ola, Urban Clap, and more.

Whenever any customer places an order with Flipkart and that order is successfully delivered then that customer will get super coins but it depends on the amount of the order he purchased.

There is only 1 month of validity in super coins which the customer earns.

How to use Flipkart Supercoins?

So Now I gonna tell you how you can use those Flipkart Supercoins during shopping. If you are a member of Flipkart Plus then you can use those super coins for various purposes and avail of different benefits. One of the most common benefits among them was that you can pay your Flipkart purchase through those super coins instead of money.

There are also many options if you have many super coins, you can purchase coupons or GVs, and you can redeem exclusive deals across the partner sites. Flight tickets can also be purchased by availing of these super coins. However, there are many benefits of Flipkart Supercoins but there are some of the major benefits a customer can avail from these super coins are

•Booking of flight tickets through the app of Flipkart

•You can buy Gift vouchers and coupons

•You can pay for the products you want to purchase through Flipkart Supercoins.

•On partner sites customers can buy exclusive deals.

How customers can redeem Supercoins on FlipKart?

If you want to know the procedure to redeem or you may say to add super coins on Flipkart. Follow the steps mentioned below.

• First, Follow your account of Flipkart.

• Then from the menu, click on plus zone button.

• Then Scroll down you will get to see Rs.1 store.

•Then to see products click on explore now.

•Then select the product you want to purchase from your Flipkart Supercoins.

•But make sure that you have enough super coins in your account before availing of this service.

•And finally Pay Rs. 1 to get that product.

How customers can earn super coins on Flipkart?

Broadly there are mainly these 2 ways that help you to earn super coins on Flipkart. Ho through these below-mentioned ways to know the procedure for earning supercoins on Flipkart.

1. Through your Purchase

As per the policy of Flipkart,  Flipkart Plus members got 4 super coins on their every purchase of Rs. 100. On the other hand non-plus members of Flipkart got only 2 Supercoins on their every purchase of Rs.100 . In addition to it Customers also get Flipkart Supercoins in a transaction on Oyo Rooms, Ola Cabs and many more.

Highlights of the points

• Flipkart Plus Customers – 4 Supercoins on per Rs.100 of purchase and a maximum of 100 Supercoins per Order.

• Flipkart non-Plus Customers – 2 Supercoins on per Rs. 100 purchases and a maximum of 100 Supercoins per Order.

2. Through the Quiz Section

Customers can get these Flipkart Supercoins for free as well as through the online contests and quizzes they participate in, organized by Flipkart. Now go through the below-mentioned procedure which help you to earn supercoins on Flipkart.

•Firstly you have to earn Flipkart Supercoins by participating in these online contests and quizzes organized by Flipkart.

•Then open your Flipkart account.

•Go to the Quiz Section of the Flipkart app.

•Then Tap on the ‘Quiz’ Banner.

• Now Play and earn Flipkart Supercoins.

How can customers become Flipkart Plus members?

For becoming a Flipkart Plus member for free firstly you have to earn 200 supercoins on Flipkart. After earning 200 super coins go to the plus zone and select the join now button to get the Flipkart Plus Membership for free.

There are various benefits of being a Flipkart Plus member one of the major benefits among them is that Plus members can get access to early Flipkart sales before the other non-Flipkart members.

Flipkart Plus members also got many exclusive deals and offers from time to time. In addition to it, plus members also avail the service of free delivery with no minimum order value in Flipkart.

So, I hope you get to know “How to use Flipkart Supercoins”.

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