Top 5 FOOD TECHNOLOGY Trends in 2023

by | 23 Feb, 2023 | Technology

So the emerging trend of food technology among people in today’s world makes a sudden shift towards personalized and Sustainable for the need for a better quality of life nowadays. Some of the most common and well-known emerging food technology are local foods , Alternative protein, personalized nutrition, nutraceuticals, and many more.

Environmental impact is one of the most common concerns among everyone. Especially after this COVID-19 pandemic, robotic employees in hospitals and restaurants which we only hear about came into existence for real.

Indian food technology trends are putting constantly efforts to enhance efficiency in this industry. The technological revolution put a great impact on the food industry. Various technological tricks and sectors contribute a major role in improving the nutritional value of the food we consume.

So, today we have the list of such most common and well-known trends of food technology in the year 2023 :

  1. Alternative protein
  2. Nutraceuticals 
  3. eCommerce
  4. Food Safety and transparency
  5. Personalized Nutrition

However, there are many food technology trends besides these all.

1. Alternative protein

Some of the most common protein alternatives like Lab-grown meat, cultured meat plant based nutrition, insects that are edible, mycoprotein and many more.The most common reason for such a sudden Shift in public because of health and environmental factors. 

2. Nutraceuticals 

During the period, When the concern of COVID – 19 pandemic was looked up as the worst situation in the country people tilted toward Nutraceuticals as people were focusing more on eating healthy food. Nutraceuticals include functional foods, medicine food, nutritional supplements, and some of the guy microbiome enhancement foods such as probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics.

3. eCommerce 

eCommerce is one of the most common well known food technology trends in 2023 and prior also as it was always in the spotlight. Although After the COVID-19 situation, eCommerce raised in food supply chains . In this, food is directly served or delivered to the person demanded or ordered by the one in online mode.

4. Food Safety & Transparency

Food Safety is always the primary concern of an ideal consumer. In today’s world especially customers are more responsible and thoughtful regarding the quality of food they buy and consume. standalone food grading devices available to consume along with smart labels make a convenience for people to decide well before buying the food items.

It allows more transparency among consumers. This increases the trust between the producer and consumer.

5. Personalized Nutrition

The demand for Personalized Nutrition solutions is increasing day by day as per increasing awareness about nutrition among consumers. This concept of personalized nutrition is not only limited to those nutrigenomics-based diets and only but also includes a vegan diet, clean-label food, and gluten-free diets too.

Today we can determine our genetic profile at a home with the help of blood and urine-based testing kits and all. Furthermore, nowadays people can also have various tracking devices which allow users to track their diet and health conditions to improve their health and quality of life.

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