What benefits will Amazon offer during the Great Indian Festival on TV & large appliances?

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As per the business of Amazon, the Amazon Great India Festival offers buyers up to 70% off home products and up to 60% off Television and other such electronic applications.

In 2023, it is expected that this Amazon Great Indian Festival sale will start on the 23rd of September 2023 and will last for a month. Basically Amazon Great Indian Festival is a kind of one of the biggest sales events that took place every year on the Amazon India Website. This Event is looked up as a great opportunity for those online buyers who wants to save big on their purchases and want a wide range of products with amazing deals. On this Sale, you can expect to get a huge discount with a variety of schemes and budget-friendly offers on this Platform.

Naturally, it is also a huge opportunity for those sellers who wants their production links all over India as they are allowed to join this sale event and gain potentially huge profits from it . But what was that thing which attract the sellers towards this sale event or we may say landmark event in the Amazon Calendar?

So in the following paragraphs, we will explain a few of the benefits of the Amazon Great India Festival.


Generally, in simplest and easy words the term sale means attractive deals and the Great India Festival offers just like that. That’s why the seller with a better deal comes up among all and he has a greater chance of getting a larger profit share as compared to others. Those sellers who have a better deal as compared to others use various tricks to enhance traffic on their listing and for getting better visibility by providing gift vouchers, coupons, DOD, and Lightening Deals.

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Usually, it was seen that this sale event of the Great Indian Festival puts attractive and worthy deals every year which include up to 40% off on Smartphones, upto 90% off on Fashion, and up to 70% off on TV & other electronic appliances, which is not only a great sale for buyers but also works as a more profitable sale for sellers.


The Amazon Great India Festival provides more benefits to Amazon Prime Seller. As it was seen that those Amazon Prime sellers got access to this sale one day before the start of the actual event. So, the benefit of being an Amazon Prime Seller gives a golden opportunity for sellers for getting more sales and more profits. So in such a way, most Amazon Prime Sellers got the position of their products in the top choices for the sale event.

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If you are looking for buying the latest gadgets at a minimal price then you should for these dates when Amazon gone held its sale in the year 2023. These latest and upcoming gadgets may be Mobile phones, Smart TVs, Gaming laptops or it may be some lifestyle accessories such as bags, shoes, and many more.

Amazon is now one of the biggest e-commerce platforms globally. That’s the reason behind increasing in sales over this platform (i.e. Amazon) with increasing in buyers. Amazon provides a variety of products within its product categories. Categories of products such as kitchen appliances, home appliances, interior furnishings, gadgets, a variety of lifestyle accessories and groceries, etc.

It was generally seen that Amazon launches at least two sales every month it may be either on a huge or small scale. However, Amazon is known for its Great Indian Festival sale which is the biggest sale event organized by Amazon. The major benefit of this Sale event is that it allows the customer to shop across a wide range of products at very less prices.

Here is the list of the sales of Amazon India in 2023 :

1. Amazon Mega Home Summer Sale

2. Amazon Goli Sale

3. Amazon Women’s Day Sale

4. Amazon Baisakhi Sale

5. Amazon Great Indian Summer Sale

6. Amazon Prime Day Sale

7. Amazon Great Freedom Sale

8. Amazon Raksha Bandhan Sale

9. Xiaomi Flagship Days

10. Amazon Great Indian Festival

11. Amazon Diwali Sale

12. Amazon Black Friday Sale

13. Amazon Christmas Sale

14. Amazon End- of – year Sale

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