What is OpenAI company do? AI created by OpenAI

by | 19 Feb, 2023 | AI

The Open AI company was launched in the year 2015 and the main headquarter of Open AI company is located in San Francisco, Open AI is basically an artificial intelligence company and the founders of this company are Elon Musk (former) and San Altman. Many famous names like Peter Thiel and the co-founder of the LinkedIn company Reid Hoffman have also invested in Open AI. 

Some interesting facts about Open AI

  • Open AI is called a research company and its aim is to develop AI in such a way that it can help humans and reduce the efforts of humans. So it will be beneficial for humanity. 
  • Open AI is trying to develop a world in which Robots will also exist and they will get the power of understanding and visualization like humans. 
  • Open AI can also use some coding languages like Java, python, etc. 
  • Open AI generated a lot of money in the year 2022 and it is approximately $35 million
  • Open AI also provided chatbot software on its website which is currently in testing or in the research phase. The users can simply chat with the Open AI bot by signing up on their website. 
  • One of the biggest companies in the world, Microsoft had also invested in an Open AI company and they said that this company will make millions of dollars in the future. 
  • The chatGPT was also created by Open AI. chatGPT is also very helpful for writing content or many other works. 
  • Many experts were also saying that the Robots which will be created by Open AI will be the most advanced things that humans will create. 

The AI created by Open AI

The AI which was created by Open AI is chatGPT, chatGPT is also known as GPT-3.5. The chatGPT is an AI chatbot that allows users to have a natural conversational interaction that is almost indistinguishable from those with an ultra-intelligent human one of the new features of chatGPT is that it remembers what the users said earlier in the conversation and allows them to provide fall look corrections what sets chatGPT apart from other language models is its ability to understand and respond to the context in a natural way with chatGPT users can have a conversation that flows naturally without having use specific prompts or keywords additionally chatGPT can understand the context of a conversation and provide relevant accurate responses.

ChatGPT is also highly versatile performing a wide range of tasks after being trained on a large portion of the internet giving it the ability to generate responses that sound extremely informed and convincing this large language model has a variety of use cases one of its key features is the ability to write code from text descriptions as well as identifying and fixing bugs in code refactoring code for efficiency and convincing programs from one programing language to another. All these qualities of chatGPT show that the future of Open AI will be very successful. 

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