What Is NFT? Marketplace & Trends of NFT in 2023

Non-Fungible Tokens, often known as NFTs, are a kind of cryptocurrency used to store data on the blockchain. The ownership of NFT may be transferred to anybody upon purchase or sale on the NFT market. It can also be exchanged or minted.

NFT Marketplace: a platform that uses blockchain technology to enable the buying and selling of NFT using digital currencies, and where data is kept in blocks that are connected in a chain.

Although there are several NFT Marketplace systems, these will be the 5 most widely used platforms in 2023: 1. OpenSea 2. Rarible 3. WazirX 4. Binance 5. Jupiter Meta

NFT Trends 1. Articial Intelligence: If 2021 was the year of the NFT projects created by Fiverr artists, 2023 may be the year of the NFT projects created by AI. The market will determine how much they value this medium.

NFT Trends 2. NFT Tickets: As physical tickets that must be shown at the entrance are increasingly replaced by digital verification, watch for individuals, organisations, and venues to start using nft ticketing systems.

NFT Trends 3. NFT Gaming: It's possible that 2023 may bring us several NFT and metaverse games that are finished developing and have a strong following among traditional gamers.

NFT Trends 4. NFT rebranding: In 2022, corporations like Reddit, Starbucks, and Recur started utilising words like "digital collectibles" to rebrand NFTs to make them more approachable for the general public.